The Hidden You

17.08.21 01:41 AM Comment(s) By Pamela

By Malcolm Yates


Take a look at your self, really look, do you have patterns or traits that keep you off your pivot?

The next time you are around your family observe the interactions and reactions to different situations, you will be pleasantly surprised at some and horrified at others.


You chose your parents for a reason and a part of that reason was to have their good and bad traits plus some that slipped through the cracks from the experiences they were having while you were developing your personality in your first 7 years. For example you may have outgoing parents, or parent, and this in tern assisted or detracted in your interaction with others, especially in groups.


We call the traits that detract from you living a positive, happy and successful life, ‘blockages’. They are hard wired into your personality and you either work to negate or limit them or they control your life. Blockages come in so many different forms so I will just name a few, fear of intimacy, feeling inadequate, not loved, you will be left behind or alone if you don’t hold onto what you have and the big one ‘fear of success’.


We all have them; it is how we deal with them that is a major part of our journey. Recognition is the first step and the easiest way to do this is to have a Blockage Profile with a qualified counselor. The next best is to ask your parents and siblings to discuss where they think their own actions had a strong effect on yourself and others around you. Today’s society usually ends up not knowing, or talking to a psychologist or therapist because blockages are things that hold you back and on a path that you would not desire if you knew about it.


I have had this discussion with both my parents many times and each time I find more examples of how I have been profoundly or slightly affected and it has rippled throughout my life. Another angle to these discussions are how your siblings have been affected and how you by having that knowledge can better interact and relate to all your loved ones in the future.


You may have a number of blockages but the first 3 are the important ones, you will find they are your blinkers to the world and you don’t get to experience what the blinkers are hiding very well, if at all.  By being shown your blockages you start to minimize their effects on your personal, business and social life and build a more solid and happy you.




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