About Us

  • We are an Australian registered and operated organisation whose mission is to assist people on their spiritual journey to learn and grow and if they wish, to build and grow in their own spiritual business.
  • Everyone involved in the organisation has input in what we do and can pursue various leadership opportunities.
  • We are affiliated with a network of International spiritual organisations who have the same goals and values, allowing us to provide a wide range of opportunities and experience.
  • The majority of funds received are invested back into the organisation with the remainder being split between operations costs and building for the future

To inspire and foster spiritual freedom and loyalty-to-self by sponsoring spiritual and personal development, educational programs that nurture the individual and the community.

To support all members in their personal, business and social evolution of the soul.

To support and lead a worldwide expansion of spiritual freedom and direction as a way of life, such that hope and inner peace thrives in our communities.

​We support activities and give opportunities that enable people to unfold their inner leadership and inner security through practical spiritual tools which unfold discernment, and self respect and the individual’s ability to find their own answers.


We present and sponsor services that are educational and free people spiritually.

We respect people’s purpose and free will.

Our fulfillment is in providing opportunities for people to learn and grow spiritually.