30 years later

29.04.21 12:39 PM Comment(s) By Pamela

It is never too late

All of his life Ewart has had insights from spirit to do things in a certain timing.    When he follows those insights things fall into place.

As an example around 3 months ago Ewart started putting together the equipment he needed to do the profiles online and courses online.   Having moved recently, a lot of his equipment was still packed away.    When he realized he had a piece of equipment packed away, his guides gave him insights during the night or when he woke up in the morning as to what box it was in and exactly where it was.   


Things that he needed and didn’t have, guidance suggested to Ewart that he go to the Free-cycle website to find them. He recently found some really good headphones but the guy was in Frankston.    As Ewart wasn’t able to get to Frankston, he asked the person if he could mail them to him and he would pay for the postage.    He didn’t hear back from him for a few days and Ewart thought they were gone.    Ewart got a call after a few days from the person in Free-cycle who said he was coming to see his mother in a nearby suburb and said he was happy to bring the headphones to him.


One day a couple of weeks ago Ewart got a phone call from a lady that said she “Had her angels done for her 30 years ago and now she wants to find out about her angels”.    She told Ewart that one of our leaders that she had met on a bus from Queensland to Melbourne 30 years ago, told her to contact him.    She had the 1001 Orientation Profile but didn’t truly understand what it was about.    She said she had the profile that tells where they all are, which we concluded was the 7004 Thrust profile and she also had a Blockage profile.


After talking to her for awhile she shared that her and another 2 friends were coming down from Queensland to Melbourne, she had a feeling not to go by plane so they took the bus.


She met this leader on the bus on the way.    The leader shared about him working with spirit and what a difference it had made to his life.   He gave this woman the name and phone number of one of our more experienced leaders in Melbourne.      After having her profiles, she put them in a draw and didn’t do anything further with them..


Now - 30 years later, she had kept in touch with the leader she had the bus trip with.    When she told him she wanted to find out more about her angels, she was given Ewart’s number to do a Swing Update (not knowing the name of it).    She said her sister wanted to know more about her angels and so did two of her nieces.    Ewart offered to do a Zoom call to do a lecture to refresh her memory.    Although she didn’t really like Zoom she agreed to have a call with some trepidation of using the Zoom technology.


Ewart agreed on a time to go on Zoom.    When Ewart went onto the call and connected the link, he was surprised to not just see the lady that rang her but her whole family were on the call.    So he had Mum and Dad, the person that called, her sister and two nieces.


Ewart got them to project Zoom onto the television so everyone could see.    He made sure the lecture was light hearted and open to any questions that came to mind for them.


Everyone was so enthusiastic about what they were experiencing, including details of the various one on one profiles.    Ewart gave details about the profiles coming from his feelings.    Ewart shared his experiences of each profile and how it helped him spiritually and physically.


He also spoke to them about the Living Thrust Profile, The Niche Profile, Group work and the 2nd Night Program.   Ewart also gave them the links to Wayshowers College and IPMI Au website so they could explore further as they wished.


With spirits suggestion, he left this knowledge with them and told them to have a think about what he had shared and if they were interested in doing something to contact him to either come to his place to do the profiles or to do the profiles online.    It was clear to Ewart that they needed to process what they had heard and decide where they wanted to go from there.


The next day they called Ewart, and read out the list of who wanted what profiles and group work.    The woman that called Ewart originally really wanted her mother to do the profile first because she has had a stroke and she believed it would be really helpful for her. After a bit of backwards and forward in the conversation, Ewart left it to them to decide what they want to do.    They called back in a few hours and organized for a variety of profiles for her mum.    Because her mum was not well enough to come to Ewart and she would not be able to handle going on a Zoom call, he checked with spirit and it checked for him to in this instance, to go to the mum to do the profiles.


When Ewart got there he found out that Mum was too sick to have a profile, so he just chatted with Mum to help her feel solid and comfortable about her spiritual journey.


Ewart stayed and chatted to Dad and daughter.    The dad starting questioning Ewart to make sure he wasn’t a crackpot.    Ewart just relaxed and shared from his feelings.      He refreshed the daughter on the cleansing technique and shared the technique with both the father and daughter.    That helped them both to feel clearer.    He also shared the Environmental cleansing and they really enjoyed it.


Ewart then spoke to Mum and suggested that Dad and daughter cleanse her and explained what they would be doing.    Mum who was paralyzed on one side of her face from the stroke gave a big smile and Ewart knew she was happy to do that.    He took them through how to cleanse Mum.    After the cleansing Mum couldn’t stop smiling, she was very happy and got a lot out of it.   


Ewart was there for 2.5 hours and clarified things for them like why they were seeing ghosts and the like.   Ewart shared from his feelings and maintained a relaxed and friendly energy throughout.    At one stage the daughter asked Mum if she was ok, her mums was full of smiles.    Mum wanted to have her profile done, but she   didn’t have the energy to do it as she needed to have a sleep.

Ewart suggested that Mum have a sleep and he will come back the next day and do the profile for her.    They discussed it and decided that Mum go an have a sleep and the dad would go and pick up the two nieces while Ewart stay and chat with the daughter while Dad was out and Mum had a sleep.    When the dad came back with the two nieces he started doing the profiles and ended up doing 6 profiles while he was there.


Throughout the whole experience he continued to talk about the group work and the other profiles that were available and how each profile helped to understand different aspects of themselves.


The end result is he will be doing another profile for the Mum in 4 days time and a swing update for the father.


Ewart suggested that they do the workshop at their place and run the group work at their place.    The end result is that the people Ewart had met and profiled are going to do group work plus another two of their friends plus another two from the leader that originally gave Ewart’s number to the daughter.


Ewart shared that because the Mum is as ill as she is, she would be better off doing the group work face to face (not online) and that she will get the understanding to help her with her transition stage.


In regrouping with Ewart, this has reminded me that when we share about spirit, no matter where or how, we truly help people.   They may do something straight away, they may not doing anything at all or they may do something 30 years down the track.    It is a great reminder that what we share helps people in ways that we may or may not ever know.


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