Lodging Thursday 05/01/23 - Tuesday 10/01/23

  • Cost of $15 per person per night, the rooms are shared with 6 to a room, bunk style.
  • If you do not stay there will be a charge for grounds fees of $7 per day.
  • You can camp for $10.
  • Bring your own bedding and pillows.
  • For more information go to: http://www.bhscouts.com.au/CampKallaroo-Facilities.php

Meals - Lunch: Friday 06/01/23 to Lunch: Wednesday 11/01/22 

Breakfast at 7:30am to 8:30am - Cost $10

Lunch at 12:30noon to 1:30pm - Cost $12

Dinner at 7:00pm to 8:00pm - Cost $15

  • Tea and coffee will be made available all day

  • Juice will supplied during meals

  • Soft drinks and snacks will be availble at a cost of $1

  • Do you have any food allergies we need to know about?

 DayBreakfastLunch Dinner
 Friday 06/01/23Cereal & Toast
 Fruit, Nuts and Yoghurt

 Wraps & Rolls
Cold Meats and Salad
Eggs and Cheese
 Chicken & Salad
Boiled Potatoes with trimmings
Corn & Bread Rolls
Custard, Fruit and Nuts
 Saturday 07/01/23 Cereal, Toast & Eggs
 Fruit, Nuts and Yoghurt
 Quiche, 2 types of Salad, French Bread Sticks
 Marinated Chicken Pieces
Salad & Rice
Ice Cream & Jelly
 Sunday 08/01/23Cereal, Toast & Eggs
Fruit, Nuts and Yoghurt
 Cold Meats & Tuna Salad
Salad, Bread Rolls & Wraps
 Spaghetti, Salad & Garlic Bread
Cheese Platter

 Monday 09/01/23 Cereal, Toast & Eggs
Fruit, Nuts and Yoghurt
 Lasagne, Salad & Rustic Bread
Fruit Salad
BBQ Sausages & Burgers
Salad, Corn & Potatoes
 Tuesday 10/01/23 Cereal, Toast, Bacon & Eggs
Fruit, Nuts and Yoghurt
 Wraps & Breadrolls
Left overs and more
Dessert Pizza with Ice Cream
 Wednesday 11/01/23 Cereal, Toast, Bacon & Eggs
Fruit, Nuts and Yoghurt
 Left over surprise None