Embracing Your Spiritual Freedom

Friday 06/01/23 and Saturday 07/01/23 - Start 9am and Finish 12:30noon daily - Cost $50.00

  • This is the second step in the Spiritual Freedom Series

  • This program is broken down into two parts

  • Part 1 deals with expanding your concepts of who you really are, how you work with your Guidance and understanding your loyalties.  

  • Part 2 will work with discovering your “niche” in life and learning to direct your energy for success and the many choices you have. 

  • You will experience many techniques to help you clear your energy, heal concepts and expand your spiritual freedom.  

  • You will come away with basic tools to help you fulfil your purpose.

The Real Me: A Spiritual Being

Friday 06/01/23  Start 3:00pm and Finish 6:00pm - Cost $45.00

  • Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? What am I doing here? What are clear motives? How can I utilize my sensitivity better? What is the difference between wisdom and knowledge? 

  • Regroup some of these questions by getting a broad picture of what being a spiritual being is all about? 

  • Touch base with your loyalty to yourself and the responsibility you have for doing what you are doing and what you came to do. 

  • Gain understanding of your feeling nature in order to value the unique person you are. 

  • See how communication is the main key to your success in daily living. 

Kindness: Being your Mystical Self

Saturday 07/01/23  Start 3:00pm and Finish 6pm - Cost $45.00 - Recommended you have experienced the Orientation Profile

  • Discover how to maintain a greater balance between your two natures. 

  • Learn how simple it really is to follow your own direction. 

  • Experience the uplifted feeling you can have when you accept that you are free to decide what type of life you want for yourself. 

  • Discover how to release your innate freedom through understanding what true responsibility really is. 

  • Gain a greater understanding of that inner kindness and freedom which direct you to reach the goals you set for yourself.  

  • Take a look at how false pride can hinder your kindness. 

Magnetising my future with positive energy - Evolution Calendars

Sunday 08/01/23 and Monday 09/01/23 Start 9:00am and Finish 6:00pm daily - Cost $116.00 - Must have experienced the 1002B profile: The Policy and Procedures of Life.

  • Regroup your past six months to see what you have been doing for yourself spiritually.  

  • Find out how you may be wasting some of your energy by being under the pressure of man-made time or by yearning,  

  • Discover new ways to utilize your time and energy and live your life to the fullest.  

  • Get a big picture of your life and what you will be doing spiritually for the next six months by experiencing “magnetizing my future.”  

725B - Exploring the Electromagnetic Energy and International Regrouping Snapshot

Tuesday 10/01/23 and Wednesday 11/01/23 - Start 9:00am - Finish 6:00pm daily - Cost $300.00

  • The basic purpose of this retreat is to help you discern how different thought and emotional patterns affect your electromagnetic energy system and realize the power of your thoughts and what you create with them.  

  • You will realize that being “charismatic” is crystal clear energy flowing smoothly through your chakra centres.  

  • You will learn to heal the following concepts and feelings related to resentment, regret, obligations, anger and yearning through your participation in healing techniques. 

  • You will also discern patterns from past lifetimes that still affect your energy today and experience several healings of the patterns that hinder your success of the innate charismatic energy that you are.